Normally, our dog’s tongue should be pink, just like ours. Or, a blue, purple, or even black tongue could indicate a serious lack of oxygen in our dog’s blood. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; As responsible pet owners, we should regularly check our dog’s tongue and note any changes. That is the mission behind my blog and behind my writing. By Teresa K. Traverse. Panting is often accompanied by audible breathing sounds, although the breathing sounds produced should not be excessive. Pale mucous membranes are a big red flag pointing to anemia. The Shar Pei is also known for its thick fur and wrinkled skin folds. The veterinarian explained that blue, purple, or dark spots on my dog’s tongue could indicate cyanosis. Dog Injury or Surgery Recovery: Mishaps versus Setbacks, is showing signs of severe pain or distress, is restless, unable to lie down comfortably, trying to vomit unsuccessfully, your dog’s gums are any than normal color (normal gum color depends on the breed; typically it’s pink). Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog is a dog health advocacy guide 101. amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "bottom"; Great post and I always worry about heat stroke with Layla but since I have the cooling vest for her life has become easier. In this case, our pet’s miscolored tongue would indicate a lack of oxygen in the blood. If you notice a sudden change in the tongue’s color, call your veterinarian immediately. These dogs have a hard enough time breathing as it is and cooling their bodies is much more difficult for them. The symptoms of both, including excessive panting, are very similar. The dog's lips are often pulled back when the dog breathes in, and the nostrils slightly quiver while the dog breathes out. Maybe he had accidentally bitten his tongue, I speculated, and that was what had caused the purple skin tone. Such good information. The obvious sign is that your dog will be breathing faster than normal with mouth closed. An odd behavior along with dog tongue out requires a vet advice. When your dog’s body is in the fight or flight state, the body maintenance and immune functions shut down. While excess pigmentation does not cause medical problems, purple, blue and black discoloration of the tongue can be a sign of health problems in a dog with a normally pink tongue. Heart or respiratory disease are usually the cause of hypoxia, again making it imperative you take the dog to a veterinarian. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; If your dog has a fever see a veterinarian to determine the underlying cause. Contributing factors include level or exercise and excitement, ambient temperature, and even anatomical conformation. What to do if your dog won't go potty in the morning, 3 easy options to improve your dog's oral health, What does it mean if your dog does not pee, 6 ways to keep your small dog safe in your bed. Do you know what questions to ask your veterinarian? amzn_assoc_rows = "1"; In the case of my pet chihuahua, his blue and purple skin pigmentation did get lighter as he aged. Other symptoms. Tongue Swelling Symptoms and Treatments in Dogs and Cats - A swollen tongue is most often caused by an allergic reaction. I learned the hard way that merely seeing a vet is not always enough. Whenever our dogs start panting in an unusual way, I pay attention. Both excitement and stress constitute aroused emotion; one in a positive way, the other in a negative way–physiologically, though, they are not that different. Yes. You may notice your dog panting with his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth. More than lapping up water and food, more than slobbering its favorite person with wet sloppy kisses , the tongue is a wound healing tool , a heat regulator and a texture tester. I now try to help people how to recognize and understand signs of illness in their dogs, how to work with their veterinarian, and when to seek a second opinion. All Shar Peis have blue tongues, although these can vary in shade from blueish-black to lavender purple. According to my dog’s doctor, there was no sign of a medical issue The tissue on my dog’s tongue appeared healthy, and had ample blood flow. Excessive panting can be a sign of some hormonal disorders, such as hypothyroidism or Cushing’s disease. Pinning your post to share! And it too increases the risk of heatstroke. amzn_assoc_default_browse_node = "2619533011"; It's a possibility but not set in stone. They get them through mouth-to-mouth contact with another dog, sharing water, or by playing with another infected dog… I wish I would have known to check her gums and to listen to my instincts instead of someone else’s. Other times, you’ll have other symptoms to go on, more or less apparent. It has a large head and full, slightly darker snout, that … There are a lot of things that could cause panting aren’t they. My dog is panting and her tongue looks purple, but her gums are pale. We use cookies to give you the best … When Dog Panting Becomes a Problem. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Often dogs panting from exercise have a happy look on their faces, perhaps due to the satisfaction derived from engaging in enjoyable activities such as play. Your story can help other dogs and dog parents who find themselves in the same situation. The color of my dog’s tongue had me concerned, so I took him to his veterinarian. I cover a lot of panting territory with my four! After a quick exam, she concluded that he had not bitten his tongue. I told the veterinarian that, even when my dog had his mouth closed, his tongue stuck out of his mouth. Required fields are marked *. ", -D.Rae Worden, Fergus Veterinary Hospital. Our vet told me that it would have been too late for her even if I took her straight to the emergency room, but I’ll never forgive myself for not doing better by her. I’m sure you’re also familiar when they are likely to pant. Panting as a cooling mechanism is necessary because dogs do not have an effective system of sweat glands like people do. My dog’s veterinarian suggested that by watching our dog’s weight, their diet, and giving them enough exercise each day, we will help strengthen their cardiovascular system. Silly typo! Your dog’s panting starts suddenly. Vomiting repeatedly means she’s not ok. My dog’s veterinarian went on to tell me that any inflammation of our pet’s tongue could indicate a serious medical issue, and should be checked out. Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog is an award-winning guide to help you better understand what your dog is telling you about their health and how to best advocate for them. Your dog’s tongue or gums appear blue, purple, or white -- a sign your pet isn’t getting enough oxygen. As a pet owner, you should be familiar with how your dog’s tongue normally looks. Years ago, when my chihuahua puppy matured from a puppy into a 2-year-old dog, I noticed he had developed a blue-purple spot on his tongue. In loving memory of Jasmine. I have heard two theories about purple or spotted tongues. My dog is panting heavily with her tongue hanging way out, and she is shaking and lifting up different paws and favouring them at different times. Some dogs have natural skin pigments that can give their tongues blue, purple, gray, or even black hues. Years ago, when my chihuahua puppy matured from a puppy into a 2-year-old dog, I noticed he had developed a blue-purple spot on his tongue. I knew that because of my dog’s physical characteristics, one of his parents was a chihuahua. They pant when they exercise, when they are hot, they pant when they are excited.
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