One thing I will do is I will walk barefoot on the grass just for maybe a couple of minutes, five or 10 minutes. Interpreting Spiritual Vibration Test Results. You respond rather than react. Many of you guys know, as well. They also take good care of their energy levels and physical health by eating well, avoiding junk food, meditating, and taking plenty of time out for themselves. Let's compile a list of 'things/habits' that raise your vibration... Close. It is the time to focus inward on our goals and vision with meditation as you tap … What I do is I put the intention around the bed, and I put the intention so that it grows that energetic field. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those seven vibrational hacks that I use in my life that keeps my vibe high. I, uh, we're into loom right now, and I found a gym that I really liked that has a sauna and a cold plunge. It’s such an amazing way to stay balanced and mindful day after day. That's kind of a weird habit to have, but it's what I'm passionate about. If you haven't already, you can calibrate your vibration by going to We envision vibration therapy to be widely recognized, further developed and bring quality life to many more people. Then realizing that you are an eternal spiritual being that is having a temporary human experience, so it reframes it. It's something I'm very passionate about. And I asked for my spiritual guides to help assist in this process. When you learned that this really is about claiming who you are as a high vibrational being, it becomes easier because sometimes people think like they're a low vibrational being trying to become higher. I think it takes a lot of practice and inner work to stay loving, accepting and balanced but it can definitely be done. The lower your vibration, the more conflicts can occur in your life and disconnect you from your true nature. This is what I do. Fair enough, not every high vibe person likes using crystals or even knows how to use them but I would say that plenty of spiritual people will use them and love them. Or you could just allow that thought to be there. If you can learn how to code to get that creative energy and to bring it up to your spine and to breathe deep, you can use that creative energy in very powerful ways. The electrical circuits in your brain (and all the other parts of your body that rely on electrical currents, such as your heart and your nervous system) will function well, promoting good health and allowing you to think clearly. This is something that I recommend you do. We’re all connected as we’re made from the same stuff. If you don't know what that is, set the intention to find out what it is, and watch what comes up in your life. It's compounded. Daily Habits to Boost your Mood & Vibration . This, though, is more of a lifestyle. I used to do it every single night at my other house. There's almost like there's an energy here that begins to grow every single day. If you believe it worked, it works. They know when to say no without, They understand that they are worthy of living well and that they can only give the best of themselves to others if, You can ground yourself by standing or walking barefoot on soil or grass for a mere 5-15 minutes each day. As it does that it compounds over time. I had a tree in my backyard, and I would literally hug a tree every single night before I would go to bed. I could make like seven videos, and two days it'd be done for the rest of the week. Basically, if you have a high vibe, you’ll attract everything in your surroundings that also has a high vibration. Required fields are marked *. You are empathetic towards others needs and you make a habit of seeing through the eyes of other people. This is going to sound a little bit weird. Normally I'll meditate here, which I'll probably show you that tomorrow morning. And by allowing us to be there, it loses its emotional rigidity. Change Your Music to 432Hz. I do this for 10 to 15 minutes in the morning and attend to 15 minutes at night. Raw, unsalted nuts and seeds also make the list of high vibration foods because they’re, not only are they a great source of protein and fiber, but they also contain healthy fats like omega 3s that your body (and especially your brain) need to function properly. The higher your vibration, the more you are connected to the Universe and to your inner self. We'll go ahead and get into it with a really cool transition right now. One positive frequency for music is … 162. It's the same thing for my buddy Victor Oddo. What I do is I stare at the candle flame. We decided to share with you higher vibration foods that will raise your energy fast for the better. You hear conversations you didn't know that you could hear or that were like seem out of the blue, but really, it's showing you, directing you in a certain way. can therefore allow people to just be themselves without any or much, judgement. Sleep naturally raises our vibration. Once again, belief systems are so powerful. It's not always the most exciting to think about looking at a candle flame, but nonetheless, it's, once again, it's, it's really underrated, and it is so powerful. That also helps. Vibration Therapeutic ® promotes the awareness of vibration therapy. Tell true sexual transmutation. This just means you need to practice some good psychic self defense so they don’t siphon off your energy or slowly drain you dry. You go from thinking you're some little physical ego that has to experience reality just through the five sentences and has to try to do everything you can to stay consistent with the way it defines itself. There was a part of the house where I would fill that and that area to get a lot of creative ideas. And as much as this pains me to say, drinking coffee is one of those habits. A lot of people that you can study, use that even if they're not aware of it, they use it in certain ways. Discover The Sneaky Common Habits That Lower Your State – Plus 7 Boosters For A High Vibration Life! There’s absolutely. What I do is I put an energetic grid around my bed. I've been using this for about a year now and I really enjoy it, but that's even when I was going to share with you, that's not even one of the hacks, although that could definitely be a weird hack. You notice he has so much more energy, and sometimes people ask me, Aaron, why do you have so much energy? Answered this on July 22, 2019 During slower times it gives us the opportunity to take time to reach out and connect with people on a different level. Therefore, you’ll most likely fall along a spectrum of 25% high and 75% low, 55% high, and 45% low – and so forth. And while energy fluctuations are natural, we really should try to avoid any vibration-lowering habits. Your email address will not be published. It's okay. Although I do know that not letting stuff not bug you can be, I think it takes a lot of practice and inner work to stay loving, accepting and balanced but it can, By understanding that we’re all different, yet all projections of Source energy expressing itself in various ways, we can get along much better. But in general these, I'll have these three things be the last things. For my Guided Meditation MP3 on raising your vibrational set-point Click Below…, To experience THE SHIFT, click here Meditation is the act of sitting in silence while trying to turn your brain off. A high vibrational diet consists of foods that are ALIVE and that positively benefits the person, as well as the planet as a whole. You see yourself as a high vibrational being. …While still staying strong in their own truths and not being easily swayed by the opinions of others. What are you doing every single day? He did the same thing. The ego always wants to control. You have, you start to learn more about patterns that don't pee, you don't longer prefer to experience. The Earth is a living being with wonderful healing energy and high vibe people know and appreciate this. Our VT series vibration plates are built to last with high quality material, parts and components, crafted with refined designing and manufacturing processes. The next three are going to be ones that I filmed at night. Or you can just touch a tree for the same length of time! What this does is this allows me to ground my energy because I find that being in front of the computer for a period of time or you know, busy with other stuff, this helps to really ground me. See more ideas about higher vibrational, magnetic field, emf. I'm going to show you seven kinds of weird vibrational hacks that I use in my own life that keeps my vibration at a high level. Read on to learn more about your own energy and how coffee may be doing you more harm than good. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'basicallywonderful_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_6',135,'0','0'])); We all know TV programs like the news can often carry a heavy vibration. Something that I do every single day for 15 minutes, right when I wake up and right before I go to bed, is I stare at the candle flame, and I simply observe my thoughts. There are certain thought processes. you are conscious of what you are saying, doing, thinking and feeling, as well as the effect this has on others). Everyone has improved energy when they have had a good night’s sleep, but you feel sluggish and worn down when they haven’t gotten adequate rest. And I told this to a couple of buddies of mine. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. That's when you start to see that there's this gap between what you think and what is happening. And you can bring it more into the present moment. When you learn how to observe your thoughts, let them be there, not try to control them. I even sometimes, I mean, I wear these quite often, even though it's not always just at night time before bed. And I believe that it can also be used to raise our own vibration. I love getting into a flow state, right? I'm at nighttime. If your score is less than 10, then your vibrations are very low and you should immediately work on it. You can ground yourself by standing or walking barefoot on soil or grass for a mere 5-15 minutes each day. It’s just that they don’t  perpetually focus and lust after them as they know that can be damaging. in, What you'll notice is that your thoughts begin to slow down. Secret Factors That Impact Your Manifestations, Your Alignment, Your Love Life And Happiness Levels. You're going to feel better about yourself. I ask to have great dreams, to remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning, and I do that around my bed, literally within, within maybe 20, like two or three minutes before getting into bed. It gets you high, It elevates, It slides the scale, It's the All and the Everything and let It flow, like a current. Are you, um, you know, if you love painting paint, if you love to draw, draw. Cause I know, sometimes I'll be on my phone at the gym when I'm tracking my workout. It's profoundly changed my life. Or you can just touch a tree for the same length of time! No, you're a high vibrational being, and having that sense of identity is so powerful because when you realize that it's then what can, I let go of? Or the energy field thing, you're like, well I don't even believe that. Now may not look like, Oh, I'm making videos for everyone else. I love making these videos. Cause I have crystals around my house too. Put an energy field around your bed and have it be with the intention of protection, the intention of love, the intention of, um, remembering your dreams in the morning. We’re all connected as we’re made from the same stuff. On the other hand, if you're feeling bored, stuck, and generally blasé, then chances are your vibrations are low and it's time to … This is what I do, energetically. As you can see, when it comes to living in a high vibe, I think this is zoomed in. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. It's called an earth pulse. You will learn how to observe your past experiences, and then you start to gain your power back because then your energy is not being scattered into the past, into the future, into situations. You have to make the choice to do so, and you have to raise your vibration. 3D is a polarity reaction. This routine – depending on where you live – is called; breakfast, lunch and dinner. The higher your vibration, the more authentic you are, and the more capable you’ll be of tuning into what you really want and then manifesting it in the world. What I'd like for us to do is to all share what do you do to raise your vibration? What I find is that if I do this more often, it becomes easier and easier for this energy to become stronger. They understand that they are worthy of living well and that they can only give the best of themselves to others if they’re healthy, happy and energized — and that can only come from self-care and love. Try to stay away from the above activities and habits and move into higher vibrational practices so that you can feel more joy, peace, and freedom in your life. If you’d like to learn more about yourself and others through Astrology or you’re wondering how to manifest better or what a repeating number means, you’re in the right place! When you are at a high vibration, you actually shine so brightly that you can attract the attention of lower vibrational entities who are drawn to you like a moth to a flame. These are a game-changer. But also, I put an energetic grid around my whole entire house. I don't think I know that I can cultivate that energy. I know it looks, there we go. You know, I need to protect myself from anything. You have to observe; you have to observe from this neutral point of view, a candle flame through looking at one point for five or 10 minutes and just focusing on your breath. Well, I'm also doing it for me. You definitely don’t have to use them to achieve or retain a higher vibration. And one of the ways you're going to raise your vibration the most in the world is by doing what your purpose is, doing what you're passionate about. And even if some type of thought comes in that you don't prefer to have, you look at that dot. If you love to play certain sports, play sports, do something every day for you, that raises your vibration. We came here to experience all that this physical, 3D planet has to offer. These are kind of weird habits that I have, but nonetheless, that I do every single day. Esoteric topics such as Law of Attraction and angel numbers, also wellness and yoga. I will literally put my hands out like this and imagine that there is a green orb going around my bed that is transmuting all energy into light and love. Something that I will do every single night, probably hear that really loud music. However, wherever the energy is, that energy then begins to grow. This is a complete assessment and requires nearly 10 minutes to complete. Imagine, later on, someone at the office is how did the way you do it, you shouldn't be doing this. I'd put intention into it, like connecting with the earth, connecting with nature, realizing that nature is kind of an extension of us, but also, it's an energetic thing too. Let me kind of go in now. There was a room that all I would do is meditate in you, go into that room, you definitely feel the high vibe. Jan 25, 2019 - Foods that help protect the body from emf radiation and balance the body's natural electro magnetic field . Subtract the number in the “Low” column from the number in the “High” column to get your final score. Practicing treating the body with love and respect. All foods hold a vibration! And in this observation, states where all the awareness, thoughts come in. The journey begins within. My name is Aaron Doughty and I have a passion for personal development and growth. When your vibration is a match to your desire, all things in your experience will gravitate to meet that match every time.” Abraham Hicks “What you think about activates a vibration within you.” Abraham Hicks “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration… Tips and Tools to maintain a High vibration when things going on around you are not. This is the game-changer. The world's most complete vibration assessment quiz! They’re usually full of energy, yet calm, positive and balanced. They feel them, they observe and note them and then deal with them appropriately if needed, otherwise they just let them go. They Stay Clear of Negative Programming, They don’t necessarily lust after large cars and glam homes. Honor your beliefs work. Meaning, we are meant to be happy, light, positive, joyful. This is why I think that this is so powerful when you are doing something over a certain area like in my room right now, even though I'm only in this room because I'm in Tulum, Mexico right now for like a month, every single day that I put this grid around my bed, it begins to grow. And now making a video is so easy for me because it's who I am, but me doing this everyday, like I could make a video. You can ground yourself by standing or walking barefoot on soil or grass for a … And what this does is because the eyes are focused on one point eyes that wander is a mind that wanders. Posted by u/[deleted] 7 years ago. You might not have any conceptual knowledge on what vibration is, but you most definitely have felt it. All it means is that you use that energy, the sexual energy, and you bring it up into your hearts and into your head. In this blog though, I'm going to share with you some of the things that I don't really talk about that often because some of it's a little bit edgy, to be honest with you, and I'm going actually to show you, so the last three of these I filmed last night, and it is habits that I do at night. In contrast, low vibration is linked to fear, anxiety, sadness and depression. It loses its pool of trying to control. Also, I had some crystals which were in different corners of the house, which I would put intention into that would amplify the energy field of it. High vibration is linked to positivity, love, compassion, and peacefulness. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention. It’s just that they don’t  perpetually focus and lust after them as they know that can be damaging. I have this thing right here that tracks my recovery. And many times, it will. Mindful, high vibe people totally get this somewhat abstract concept and. Eating a high-vibration diet and drinking high-vibration water will purify your body so that it works in harmony with your mind and spirit as God designed it to do. Staring at this candle flame is something in a habit that I do every single day for 10 or 15 minutes, right when I wake up or right before I go to bed. I remember reading the chapter that was on sexual transmutation. It's a way of life. Living a high vibrational-life not only serves you, it also serves the world. Then, just be mindful of how you feel when you eat certain things and start taking steps to clean up your diet and transition to more veggies, whole foods, and healthy high vibe options! They have healthy boundaries that don’t allow their energies to become drained. But if you observe it, that's where the real power is. Hi, I’m Diana. A sattvic diet is meant to include foods and eating habits that are pure, essential, natural, vital, energy-containing, clean, and conscious. As you do this, you learn to know that myself, to learn it, to know thyself, which is where all the power is, which is where you start to learn more about beliefs. They’re just fabulous tools if you’re into them. 63 SIGNS THAT YOU HAVE A LOW OR HIGH VIBRATION. You know the kind of people I’m referring to…. When you do that, what happens is it's mental energy and you're also attuning yourself to many other people that focus on that. Outside of your existing patterns and habits is an infinite amount of ideas, experiences and fruitful possibilities waiting for your attention and focus. They didn't believe me. These are the top four. Those people who just seem to be permanently chilled out. And that's why my old house, the house that I used to live in two before we got out of it, people come into it all the time like Oh my God, Oh my gosh, you have so high value your house just so I could feel it. So, love what you eat, consciously flow love into your food while preparing it, and bless your food to raise its vibration…. However, the first four habits are going to be what I show you right now. Meditating allows you to quiet the incessant chatter of the mind, dump a load of negative thoughts and thought patterns and stay connected to Source energy. Nothing much appears to affect them. Maybe you're like, Oh, you know what? You know, so many people and even, you know, years ago when it comes to looking at what would it be like pornography. The entire point of eating to raise your vibration is to help you feel more awakened, alive energy in your body. You become like a tasty snack to them. Want to know how to live a life of high vibration You'll see synchronicity. There're countless benefits of vibrating higher daily. A high vibration is an easy thing to find and emit. Those blue blockers, I don't think I need them. Observe it, let it be there. And when I do that, it's got so much blue light normally. Anytime I'm on a screen, and I wear this because I believe it's protecting my eyes. Although I do know that not letting stuff not bug you can be seriously tricky to achieve… You might feel chilled out and happy and then someone cuts you off in traffic and the first instinct is to scoff, hit the horn, or curse. High vibration means having more light, and thus less density. This thing resonates at a certain frequency. Begin your day with Meditation. What will happen is sometimes people will be like, right now, I'm writing my to-do list for the next day on this iPad. And I felt like it would just really ground my energy, and I would put energy. There was an office room, and in that area, every single day I was focused on more the technical parts of my business. Every morning in my room, when I wake up, this is where I meditate. We’re all on our various lifepaths and moving along the ladder of enlightenment at our own paces. That's something I find interesting as well. I'm looking at a camera. Well, I am regimented, but it's what goes into me being a ho and having a high vibration so that I can share content with you and everyone else and have the energy to do so. Energetically, we all vibrate on a particular frequency. It’s so easy to forget who we really are when we’re on Earth. But for me, one of the things that raise the vibration that allows me to kind of a weird hack because people see me and I'll even go to the gym with this. Holding grudges and feeling weighty emotions on the regular such as jealousy or greed can be exhausting. And then what I do is I put an energetic grid. Oftentimes, high vibe people love spending time in nature and are drawn to trees.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'basicallywonderful_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',133,'0','0'])); I know that it can be hard to find even five spare minutes on most days but it’s totally worth it if you can squeeze them in, and hopefully, you’ll feel the amazing benefits yourself. You bring it from down here, and you bring it up using energy, using an intention and not I guess a wasting it. I can bring it up, and I can use it for a more powerful means. Fifth-dimensional vibration is something that is available right now for us to tap into, and the thing is most of the habits we have to keep us in what is called 3D level of consciousness. Your email address will not be published. ... Maybe the best illustration of this is a piece from Stephen Covey’s book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Live in a high vibrational lifestyle. If you want more on that, you can check out. And as it does that is this, is this a, okay, there we go. 50 Plus ways to stay in a high vibration. First off, before we even get too far into it, I want you to know that when it comes to high vibration, it's who you really are. Coffee drinking does lower your vibration. Well, I don't do that. They have healthy boundaries that don’t allow their energies to become drained. I know it's a little bit edgy, edgy, but nonetheless, it's very powerful. And I really enjoy it. But for all of these, these are ways that I raise my vibration. As a culture, our (over)use of industry and technology has disrupted many of those connections, as has our dependency on unnatural farming practices and highly processed foods. You learn how to observe different things in your life. When you feed something, that's when it has power over you. I would say it's also the most powerful one. But what I do is this is my meditation spot right here. Love love love love love. ... Love love love. Now let’s take a closer look at each category and find out what foods each of them includes. You see, having a high vibration is who you are. What are you passionate about? I make a video every single day because I love making videos. 1. I love the creative process. I'm not really on my computer that much anyways. What are the next things that keeps my vibration high is actually these glasses right here. But like many things in life, it can be definitely be achieved. It's built up. They don’t allow their emotions or thoughts to overpower them. This is what I do every single night before I go to bed. By having something that is in a way telling your brain that it's noon. Grounding, also known as Earthing, can help you to feel more relaxed, at ease and energized. It's a very powerful understanding, very transformative. He has C same thing for him in his sleep is way better, and you recover a lot easier. Sleep on command, I'm always wearing the blue blockers when I look at this as well and it programs it to certain Hertz. Sue from High Vibration Wellness Inc. It tracks how well I sleep at night, the depthness of my sleep. This is STEP 2 to creating a high vibration lifestyle-changing your music to 432Hz. They know when to say no without any qualms or hesitation. I'll take these off for a minute just so you can kind of see what I mean when it comes to these vibrational hacks. Well, it's when we react to our environment, it's when we react. When you learn to observe those, let those go. It changes the way you see yourself, changes the way you interact with the world because you realize the world is a reflection. But once you get into the habits or the not habit of cultivating that energy and then bringing it up to your spine, and then focusing on things that you want in a way, there's like a desire there, and you almost feel like there's more energy going in that direction. All it takes is self love, self understanding, self awareness, gratitude and patience. It’s good to have a balance between staying in touch with the things going on in the world, yet not focusing too much on all the negative things that get reported each day as that can really impact your vibration over time. And this changes everything right here. 9. They Actually Enjoy Seeing Things from Other People’s Perspectives. What am I doing that's keeping me in low vibration? Whereas if you do that consistently, you'll find that your energy begins to drop. You know how I know this, as well. If you are experiencing less than the high vibration, then it's because there are certain behaviors that may be keeping you away from experiencing that.
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