But don't offer it for Free, ask for at least $100, up to $500 or more if the spa is in operating condition. You can sell it to a local spa scrapper / refurbisher, if you can find one. BestMassage Heavy Duty Easy Setup Stationary Spa Massage TableTreatment Bed 1074 $229.99 84"L Portable Massage Table Facial SPA Bed Tattoo w/Free Carry Case White So don't hesitate to make a cash offer. Check with friends and family. If spa needed a crane to get in, please let me know ASAP so I can plan for that. However, once you have your salon equipment and spa necessities, you can focus on beauty and hair treatments that give your patrons the confidence they deserve to have. Do you own a hot tub which you no longer require? Sell your used Hot Tub. Sell My Spa... the original hot tub buying service by Lakeside Spas & Bristol Hot Tubs! Unfortunately for the used spa consumer, a poorly built or maintained second hand spa is not always obvious to the untrained eye. With a tough economy this helps you get some cash, helps me employ my eight (8) full time refurbish technicians, the out of state spa dealers so they have something affordable to sell and the end hot tub user who saved a bundle buying a refurbished used spa. If you live in Franklin County or Central Ohio, and are looking to trade in or sell your hot tub or spa - we are interested! Second, they typically replace bad components and fix issues with the spa before they sell them. First, these companies generally inspect and test the used spas they sell. Our prices reflect the work we put into the tub, the standard delivery costs, and the warranty that normally comes with the spa. Others were manufactured properly but were not maintained in a way that would make them viable for us to refurbish and re-sell. We pay 100% of transportation costs and adjust the original selling price up or down according to space chosen.” – Ray Klubnik (Owner) Often times, sellers will ask for 50% of the hot tub’s purchase price. Starting a salon and spa is a huge undertaking. Spa companies charge anywhere from $80-$150 for this type of inspection and it can bring peace of mind to any buyer who is considering buying your hot tub and can help you fetch a premium. No Risk Spa Replacement Policy “Upon notification and within 90 days of spa delivery we guarantee you the opportunity to replace your spa with another of your choice. We offer an easy and reliable, professional service with no come-back. Since 2013 we have been purchasing used hot tubs from all around the UK and selling to the trade. This is especially true because you will need a wide variety of types of equipment specifically designed for salons and spas. But we like to sell tubs, and you like deals. Click on a SPA for more Information, Videos and Pictures of that Hot Tub. For example: If Bob paid $6,000 for his brand-new tub 3 years ago, he will try and re-sell it used for $3,000. Almost ½ the spas we take on trade do not “make the cut” to our used spa show floor. Post a listing on craigslist.com, or on freecycle.org. If the tub’s interior is visibly discoloured or grimy, it will be very tough to re-sell even if you are trying to give it away for free. Third, they handle the delivery and placement of the hot tub for you and many times include it in their price.
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