Re: Carlisle Trailer Tire Concerns **UPDATED** Happy Camper I'm glad they took care of you, and you are happy. They’re made specifically for trailers, so they have a unique tread design, sidewall thickness and ply rating when compared to truck or car tires. The only trailer tires made in USA are Goodyear. The Carlstar Group’s Carlisle Tire has a line of five high-speed trailer tires. I called Goodyear, who used to be and they said that all of there trailer tires are manufactured overseas. Since 1917 Carlisle Tire has grown to one of the world largest manufacturers of specialty tires and wheels. LOADSTAR K550 Trailer Tires After several years of answering customer questions on trailer tires, it is clear that a frequently asked question is “Where are they made”. Two of these are the Sport Trail LH and the Radial Trail HD. USA Trail Trailer Tire 5.70-8, 4 Ply $56.68 $47.23 On Sale! If it’s your passion for work, for play, or on the farm, by making the right choice of Carlisle® branded trailer tires from The Carlstar Group, you will truly be protecting your time, your investment and your family. This allows them to build long lasting high quality tires that are both innovative and reliable. A new trailer tire will have a letter on its sidewall that indicates its speed rating: M for 81 mph, L … The best trailer tires increase road safety and give you peace of mind. Shop now . With that in mind, along with my past personal experience, we pulled the trigger on 4 – 205/75/14 load range C Carlisle Radial Trail HD tires. The Carlisle USA Trail Trailer Tire is often found on boat trailers, cargo trailers, horse trailers, utility trailers and specialty trailers. It is for the good of your trailer. Don't install trailer tires on any other type of axle other than. Neither set had more than a couple thousand miles on them before they blew out. ST175/80R13 Carlisle Radial Trailer Tire LR C 1,360 lb Capacity. It is made of stainless steel. Haven’t gone any distance yet, but feel great about speed rating and load range bump. (for my shops trailer). Industry insider says there isn’t much difference between […] With the Radial Trail Trailer tires by Carlisle, you can rest assured that whatever it is you’re hauling is safe and sound. The Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire is our runner up choice for the best trailer tire, as it is compatible with various trailer makes and models, and comes in at under $100 per tire. Every one of our trailer tires is DOT approved, and meet the Department of Transportation's standards and regulations. Carlisle Rubber has been a "go to" company for U.S.A. produced trailer tires for decades. Carlisle is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee and has been around for many years. Made in USA Trailer Tires? It came with new Carlisle ST205/75R15s; which according to their site is a Load Range C tire. In my quest to find American made tires, I was unsuccessful. Trailer tires are also made of heavy-duty materials to withstand road pressure and stress and are built to last for years. All steel body ply radial tire for industrial, heavy duty and long-haul applications. I bought a new trailer in Spring 03. All-New Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tires are Made in the USA. Carlisle Tire was founded in Carlisle, PA by Charles Moomy in 1917. It's a 16' deck with a 2' beavertail tag trailer rated for 7000lbs made by Interstate 1. All three of these companies offer tires in the size and load range that you currently are using. Tuesday, May 30, 2017 by Gary Stanley. ST225/75D15 Carlisle USA Trail Trailer Tire (8 Ply) The Carlisle USA Trail Trailer Tire is a bias ply DOT approved for highway use trailer tire. Carlisle Tire has been building trailer tires for a long time. So even at 80psi it would rate around 3400 lbs which is more than the michelin or the goodyear g rated with only 80 psi. Take $10 off a set of two or more Carlisle trailer tires with code CTRAIL10. While performance types are built around the globe, Consumer Reports found that 40% of the all-season tires were manufactured in the U.S., while only one of 23 winter tires were made here. Choose your tire size below & click on it to see cost & shipping. A great example of one would be how it’s designed to reduce the tire’s noise operation. If you’re looking for a fully road-ready set of trailer tires, the Million Parts Set of 2 15” Trailer Tires are a great choice. Another winter season is behind us and temperatures are rising enough that many enthusiasts are getting their warm-weather toys out for summertime fun. They researched where tires were made on the 72 cars they tested, and found 21 tire brands were built in 19 countries. Each incident occurred while traveling on free-ways doing 60 mph. Goodyear Rolls Out New American Made Trailer Tire Tires-Easy July 25, 2018 Goodyear Tires , Tire Buying Guide , Trailer Tires When it comes to being patriotic the United States never fails to set the bar, however, since the mid-late 1900’s production has become mainly outsourced to other countries in hopes of saving a quick buck. Where Are Carlisle Trailer Tires Made? My preference would be the Cooper, Titan, or Greenball trailer tires. My trailer pulled straight, smooth and more important, easier. Check Today's Price. Education. Carlisle Trailer Tires. All three of these companies have web sites where you can look at their products. To find where your tires are made, Consumer Reports took an inventory of dozens of tire models tested over the past three years, looking at the country of origin. Even the highly regarded Maxxis are China derived. ST235/80R16 All Steel Radial Trailer Tire - 6H08101. However, Carlisle has much better quality control than some other manufacturers making their tires in China. of towing capacity — highest load rating in the Carlisle branded trailer tires. Carlisle USA Trail Trailer Tire 4 ply 5.70-8 bias trailer tire. I did see "Made in USA" on the Carlisle tires on my zero turn lawnmower last weekend tho. I stopped in my local tire dealer yesterday to discuss putting the Michelin ribs LT tires on my road warrior as do not want the factory china bombs on it. $10 off Carlisle trailer tires. Hmmmmm, I said to myself. While older trailer tires were only rated to travel at a maximum speed of 65 miles per hour for sustained periods, many newer trailer tires are designed and manufactured to travel at higher speeds. I picked up a new set of Carlisle ST205/75D15 bias ply trailer tires yesterday from the local tire store. 1. Carlisle tires are made by the Carlstar Group which is one of the top producers of specialty tires like trailer tires. Tires are the carlisle radial trail st225/75r15 (dot 9q hh id - radial tubeless - load range d - for trailer service only - made in china). He came up with a tire that rates at 3960 lbs at 95 psi. Carlisle is known for quality trailer tires that are made for a special use. Correct Tire Pressure for ST235/80R16 Trailer Tires; How Old is Too Old for New Trailer Tires Based on Tire Date Code; Can G Rated Tires be Used on a 6,000 lb Axle Since the Tires are Rated Higher; Best Trailer Tire in Size 235/75-16; Recommended Replacement ST235/80R16 Tires for 5th-Wheel Trailer They seemed to help the trailer sway less. I have gone thru 2 sets of Carlisle tires on my Toy Hauler. Our tires offer a modern design, excellent wear performance, aesthetic appeal and durability. Ideal for both short and long-distance hauling, this trailer tire is suitable for use in various applications including boating, utility, and towable recreational vehicles. It is the build quality and not the origin that should be the main concern. I have not heard a lot of good comments about the Carlisle trailer tires. I put the endurance model on our camping trailer last season. Our second product from Carlisle is the Carlisle 6H04561 Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire, which made it onto our list thanks to impressive, unmatched features. He was ok with that decision but asked me about Carlisle Tires. While looking for a local source for trailer tires, I found that the Carlisle ST/225/75R15 load range D is an 8 ply tire. Maxxis tires are made in the U.S.A. and are headquartered there as well. Are These Tires Made In China Also? They’ve been making tires for years and their Trail HD tire is another favorite among full-time RVers and weekenders. “The Endurance trailer tires I bought for my horse trailer are great. Radial Trail RH Trailer Tires: Carlisle Radial Trail RH Trailer Tires Radial Trail RH Trailer tires are manufactured by Carlisle for use on boat trailers, cargo trailers, horse & stock trailers, RV- towable utility trailers & specialty trailers. Our radial trailer tires are made by well-known brands: Goodyear, Towmaster, Hercules, Carlisle, and many more. This product does not get exposed to heat much. Industrial highway tread design leads to extended service life of tire. Our online store offers all the radial trailer tires you need. But, as I was mounting them on the trailer I noticed in small print on the sidewall the sign "Made in China". Choosing the right tires; Installation and maintenance; Tire safety; Tires 101; All about truck tires; All about winter tires; All about UHP tires; All about wheels; Both tires are suitable for use on trailers that require “standard” car/light truck tire sizes, but they’re usually used quite differently. Have sustained 3 catastrophic blowouts since 10/07. It is an international company which has been around for over 50 years and has provided excellent quality products for all these years. I have been concerned about the Carlisle’s on my boat trailer since day one, so here at year 4 I put the endurance tires on it yesterday. USA Made Trailer Tire Recommendation in Size ST235/85R16 Recommended Replacement Tires for LT 7.50-16 Comparing Benefits of LT Light Truck vs. ST Special Trailer Tires I got 1.1 MPG better on a trip of 900 mile that I … The ones on my camper are a 4 ply. These tires are more than ready to roll — they’re made with built-in rims for easy installation so you can hit the road in no time. Carlisle USA Trail Trailer tires are made in … Load rated for 4,400 lbs. Yes, the Carlisle Radial Trail HD is made in China. THE BEST TRAILER TIRES OF 2019. … Our radial trailer tires are made by well-known brands: … Changing Tractor Tires Having the weight of the tractor to pry against when working the tire off or on the rim is a HUGE plus.
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