The original inventor of the blow up doll is unknown. Also, just so you didn't know, the appam is a hybrid of idli and dosa and here's how @peeleraja imagined it would have been invented: "The dosa and idli traveled to Kerala and TN. Author: Lesley Kennedy. During the shortage of potatoes , a slight variation was created in which potato was mashed and sautéed with onions together with other spices. During the colonial era the British took it home (along with curry dishes) to their Island, and thence to their other colonial possessions, including South Africa and the Caribbean Islands. Who Invented Candy Canes? The Cheese Dosa is topped with cheese and is street style, the whole wheat or Atta Dosa could be a hasty breakfast meal. The earliest sex doll is credited to Dutch sailors in the 17th century who used a doll made of cloth to … CHUTNEY ORIGINS. See also: Chutney Recipes The original chutney of India (Hindi: chatni) was usually a relish made from fresh fruits and spices. In Kerala, Christian priests or "fathers" made a hybrid of idli and dosa. Light Field Studios/Getty Images. A masala dosa makeover is just a cute starter for us. A dose/dosai is a rice pancake, originating from South India, made from a fermented batter predominantly consisting of lentils and rice. Idli : இட்லி (இட்டரிக , இட்டு அவி) [ Steam Cake made out of Rice and Black Gram ] Idli the most famous dish of South India for over 700 years. History:- Dosa is indigenous to South India, According to food historian K. T. Achaya, dosa (as dosai) was… The history of popcorn is deep throughout the Americas, where corn is a staple food, but the oldest popcorn known to date was found in New Mexico. Food historian K.T. The s. et Dosa is Karnataka style soft sponge Dosa, the Pesarattu or Moong Dal Dosa is made of green gram and is a part of Andhra, Telangana cuisine. Dosa is one Favorite breakfast for most of the indian even though they are from any part of india.There are many varieties of dosas .Around 150 types of dosa are cooked and served hot to the people all over the india. Before the masala dosa was invented, plain dosa was served with potato curry (aloo bhaji) without onions in a separate cup. Who Invented Popcorn? 📣 A pancake like dosa … The Mysore Masala Dosa has potato masala stuffing. One theory claims the iconic holiday candy was created in Germany to appease fidgety choirboys. Made lovingly in household kitchens, sold as street food, eaten in udipis and premium restaurants alike, few dishes are as timeless and popular across India as the unassuming idli.What’s surprising is that the dish does not originate from India! In 1948, Herbert Dick and Earle Smith discovered small heads of corn and individually popped kernels deep in a dry cave known as the "Bat Cave." There is a not so popular debate about where the dosa was first invented, some say it was invented in the Udupi region of Karnataka and some believe that it was invented in ancient Tamil Nadu. Remember, we invented the dhokla pizza, tandoori momo, paneer enchilada, masala omlette sushi and that most brilliant of culinary creations, which even slides cheekily past a stony Great Wall — gobi Manchurian.